Taking Black Hat Wireless

Black Hat, organized by UBM Americas, hosts three information security conferences each year, providing attendees with the latest in research, development and trends while bringing together security thought leaders from around the world–from business, government and academia. The conference begins with hands-on, high-intensity, multi-day technical Trainings on topics such as advances in pen testing techniques and concludes with Briefings that cover the latest research on security vulnerabilities.

The Black Hat Network Operations Center (NOC) team is responsible for designing, deploying, and monitoring the network that supports the conferences from Registration, Trainings and Briefings to attendee Wi-Fi.

When Ruckus joined the Black Hat USA NOC team in 2015, we provided only attendee wireless in the common and Briefings areas. Each year Black Hat management has expanded our role and the use of wireless technology to support their events. Today, Ruckus is the official wired and wireless network equipment provider for the three global events held each year and Wi-Fi has become the primary access for the Black Hat conference networks.

Join us at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore next week for the Black Hat Asia 2018 conference.  The NOC team will be working in a “plexiglass bubble” and available to give tours and answer questions around the inner workings of the NOC. Following the conference, we’ll post Part 2 of Taking Black Hat Wireless, with an introduction to the NOC team partners and a technical look at design considerations for Wi-Fi at a security conference.

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Heather Williams
Heather Williams

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