What’s Scarier, Halloween or Applying for E-rate?



By: Carly Botelho, Marketing Communications Manager @carly_botelho

Although applying for E-Rate can be a very terrifying task, we know at the very least that it cannot be nearly as scary as the crazy clown phenomenon sweeping the nation. It’s time to conquer your fear and tackle your E-Rate filing process before it is too late.

The federal government offers billions of dollars in E-Rate discounts to US K-12 schools for broadband delivery every year. This includes investments in wired and wireless infrastructure- technologies which can help transform your school into a digital-first learning model, while also keeping your student data safe. Unfortunately, the process to apply for these funds can be a little complicated, and if you accidentally miss a step, or file a form incorrectly, you could be waiting until the following year to start your important technology projects. And that is a nightmare we don’t want to become a reality.Banner_Halloween_Erate

As an approved E-Rate vendor, Ruckus Wireless has developed several resources to help you seamlessly get through the E-Rate process, so that you can focus on carving pumpkins, drinking apple cider, and trick-or-treating, instead of getting hung-up in tedious processes.

To get you started, here are the 6 steps you need to follow in order to have a not-so-terrifying E-Rate season. You can see detailed descriptions of each of these steps, with links on where to find the applicable documentation, in this infographic.

Step 1: Determine Technology Investments

Step 2: Start the E-Rate Process! File your form 470.

Step 3: Choose a Bidder! File your form 471

Step 4: Compliance Review – Program Integrity Audit (PIA)

Step 5: File your form 486. Start Your Project!

Step 6: Time for E-Rate to Pay Up! File your form 472 or 474

Don’t be forced to wait. Use this year’s E-Rate funding to update your wired and wireless infrastructure to increase network capacity for scalability, protect student data for increased privacy, and launch new digital learning models to improve student performance.

Want to learn more about how to apply for E-Rate? Watch our exclusive webinar with E-Rate expert, Jim Kerr, Principal at KB & Associates LLC, (who we promise is not at all spooky!) to get your toughest questions answered about E-Rate FY17. Watch the webinar here.

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